opensource for the win


This website is based on different public ressources. It uses templates from Templated and icons from Fontawesome, as well as many different code libraries and ressources to display charts and create other dynamic effects, such as jQuery and Chart JS.
And you might have guessed it right: yes, the fancy particles on the homepage are opensource as well, all credits go to Vincent Garreau, you can find his particle plugin here.

APIs and other remote Datasources


Finance data is obtained via Quandl and Swiss National Bank. There is no other form of datacollection happening here, not even bevavioral statistics, even thoug they would be valuable; i consider privacy in the internet too important to perform such actions. Thats why you did not have to choose on cookie storing as you accessed this website - i protect your privacy as much as mine. at its core


This site ist mainly coded using PHP as the main language and mySql as the main database. Unfortunately i had to use some Javascript here and there as well, i would love getting around that language i must admit, but some things can only be done on the client side (shout out to other dev's!). HTML and HTML5 is used as well, obviously.

about the creator of


The designer and webmaster behind this website is a free and sovereign human being, living in Cham in the canton of Zug, Switzerland - also known as the Cryptovalley.